NTX – 11.29 – Philippians 1-4

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure…                                                                                                       Philippians 2:14-15


This is seriously one of the most difficult places for me to continuously and fully submit to God. I know it is right to avoid complaining. I know it’s better not to argue. I know that the power of Christ’s love alive in my life is stronger than my desire to murmur. I want to be blameless and pure. The problem is not that I go around picking fights all the time. I don’t complain when the waitress is rude. I don’t complain when the mail runs late. Instead, I burn inwardly. Of course the frustrations of life can cause me to grumble or argue aloud (Sheri can testify to that) but the bigger danger for me happens inside my own spud-noggin. I tend to use too much energy silently and mentally complaining about one thing or another. I have excuses that make it feel biblical. We do have countless places in the Scripture that we can point to and see that those who have gone before us have grumbled and complained to God. (Check out the psalms!)

But I wonder, were those guys as drained by it as much as I sometimes allow? It’s a tricky thing. It’ll sneak up on you. Everything can be going great and then suddenly you realize you’ve spent a pile of time quietly arguing and complaining…to God? Maybe. Yikes, I don’t like this post. I’ll probably complain about it all day.


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One Response to NTX – 11.29 – Philippians 1-4

  1. Patty says:

    ok, now you’ve gone to meddlin…sigh…

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