The Bible Experiment – Week Thirty – Thursday

Do people make their own gods?

Yes, but they are not gods.

Jeremiah 16:20

What are the false gods that we have made? Can you imagine a list? What I find is that it’s easy to imagine or define the things that we see as idols in the lives of others. The question to ask is: what have I built that I’m tempted to bow before?

The prophets are tough but keep reading!

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3 Responses to The Bible Experiment – Week Thirty – Thursday

  1. TJegelhoff says:

    Thinking of the prophets, this verse came to me today as my daily verse. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.
    ~ John 10:11 Am I comfortable with this? Am I “risking my life”? What more should I be doing. Just things I’m pondering about. What about you?

  2. eph4one says:

    Hey Tom,

    Man, I can’t wait to get to get to the New Testament! One more month. For now I’ll say this I think “comfort” might remove a vital component of sacrifice. : )

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