The Bible Experiment – Week Fourteen – Friday (Weekend)

I’m so totally behind on my responsibilities this week that I’m not caught up with our reading. I’m at least four chapters behind. I had big plans to come home and catch up after District Assembly this week. Instead I’ve decided to have diner and watch a movie with my family. I’ll catch up tomorrow (or not.) Either way I’ll start tomorrow’s reading tomorrow. At very least this gives me an opportunity to remind all of us that when we get behind the last thing we want to do is use that as an excuse to stop all together. Tomorrow I’m going to keep reading and if I have to skip the day or so that I’m back I’ll just do that without guilt. My hope is that no matter where you’re at in this journey you’ll join me.

So today: No guilt, no legalism, just an encouragement–are you behind? No big. Don’t Panic. Keep reading.

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One Response to The Bible Experiment – Week Fourteen – Friday (Weekend)

  1. Rich Schmidt says:

    Way to lead by example, Dan! Good job! :)

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